University Orders

IRAA4/142/Athidhi Bhavan/2006 dt 14th August 18 (Posted on 23-08-2018)
Rules for the award of Special Scholarship to B.Tech students of CUCEK , Kuttanad (Posted on 24-07-2018)
Purchase of Books PLB2/010723/UL/Books/Pur/2015 dt 27-6-18 (Posted on 04-07-2018)
Ac.A3/Disciplinary Action/2016 PF dt 30-08-17 (Posted on 05-04-2018)
IRRA4/336/GENERAL/2016 ICCR Scholars -Revised HRA Claim (Posted on 15-03-2018)
NO.Ad.G3/215/GO/2017 dt 18.01.2018 (Posted on 30-01-2018)
IRAA4/341/MTECH/2017-18 dt 22/1/18 MTech Seat Matrix (Posted on 25-01-2018)
No.Ac.C3/Srishti/2016 dt 23.01.2018 (Posted on 25-01-2018)
No.Ac.C3/Guest Faculty/2017/b Engagement of Guest Faculty-SOE (Posted on 19-01-2018)
No.Ac.C3/Guest Faculty/2017/c Engagement of Guest Faculty- University Departments/Schools /College (Posted on 19-01-2018)
No.Ac.C3/Guest Faculty/2017/a Engagement of Guest Faculty- Department of Instrumentation (Posted on 19-01-2018)
ജനറൽ പ്രോവിഡന്റ് ഫണ്ടും (Posted on 22-12-2017)
പരിപത്രം - ഓഖി ചുഴലിക്കാറ്റ് (Posted on 22-12-2017)
Ad.E3/MR/006323/2016 dt 01.12.2017 (Posted on 21-12-2017)
G.O(P)No.66/2017/H&FWD dated 05-10-2017 (Posted on 15-12-2017)
G.O(P)No.40/2017/H&FWD dated 31.07.2017 (Posted on 15-12-2017)
G.O(P)No.54/2017H&FWD dated 14.09.2017 (Posted on 15-12-2017)
G.O(P)41/17H&FWD dated 31.07.2017 (Posted on 15-12-2017)
IRAA 4/037-BCA/97 Vol II Department of Applied Economics BCA Programme Condoned (Posted on 05-12-2017)
Student Exchange Program Proposal from Yamagata University, Japan (Posted on 20-11-2017)