Ph.D Open Defence of Smt. Neena George on 03.03.2018

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KOCHI -682022



No. EA5/ 8562/T/19/2016                                                                                                                                                                              Dated: 16.02.2018






                 Sub: Open Defence for Ph.D Thesis



                          The Open Defence and Viva-Voce Examination of the Ph.D thesis entitled “Segregated and Random Network formation of MWCNT and Nanosilica in NR and XNBR” in respect of the candidate Smt. Neena George, who had worked under the guidance of Dr. Rani Joseph, Professor(Rtd.) in the Dept.of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, CUSAT ,Kochi-22 has been fixed to be held at 11.00 am on 03.03. 2018 in the Auditorium, Department of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology, CUSAT,Kochi-22


                                    All are invited.




                                                                                                                  Deputy Registrar [Examinations II]

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